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Toyota Elevates the Corolla to Whole New Levels for 2015

Already one of the most popular sedan options available today for its legendary combination of reliability and affordability, the Toyota Corolla has undergone a huge model overhaul for the new 2015 model year; and now has a whole new set of reasons for drivers to love it. Let's take a look.

Isn?t that amazing? And beyond that sporty new look, there's even more to love about the 2015 Corolla. The model is…

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Making Bold Life Choices in a new Toyota

The complex relationships between fathers and their children have been the topic of stories handed down for as long as the human race has existed. It has been the theme of many great fictional tales as well as the source of great non-fiction. Following on the heels of a tumultuous season in the NFL, Toyota has released a fantastic video which stars past and present football stars discussing their experiences as fathers and what makes…

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2015 Toyota Sienna Joins Forces with SpongeBob

It's been quite the year for the all-new 2015 Toyota Sienna.

First, we had the "Swagger Wagon" music video starring Busta Rhymes and now we have the SpongeBob Sienna that's hitting the road on a national tour.

What exactly is the SpongeBob Sienna? That's certainly a good question. Check out the video below to learn more:

Despite all these awesome ad campaigns, the coolest qualities of the Sienna can be found within?

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The Future Is Changing With The Mirai

With the release of the Toyota Prius, the world saw a major change in how we viewed sustainability and our carbon footprint. Since the Prius, we've seen numerous car makers follow in Toyota's steps by providing their own version of the electric car. Nobody knew that while everyone was perfecting their own electric car, Toyota was working on something much bigger.

Recently it was announced the Toyota Mirai would be making its way…

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Mirai, Mirai, On the Horizon

When the Toyota Prius was released, the world saw a brighter future with less carbon dioxide and sustainability. Earlier this week, Toyota announced something completely groundbreaking: The car of the future.

The Toyota Mirai is a completely gas-free car which runs on hydrogen. This fuel type can be created using almost anything, even garbage. This means less waste, a smaller carbon footprint, and hope for a better future. The Mirai also emits water instead of…

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Toyota Tundra Custom Trucks at the 2014 SEMA Show

Today is the last day of the 2014 SEMA Show, folks, but that doesn't mean we won't have a lot to talk about in the coming weeks from all we've seen and loved! And speaking of the good stuff, the folks at have made a video of the top ten trucks they saw there. The Toyota Tundra makes two spots on the list, in two different forms of course, so…

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Never Lose Your Keys Again with Toyota Key Finder

If you've ever lost your keys, you can understand just how frustrating it is when you're almost late and just want to get to where you need to go. Our favorite Japanese automaker understands this as well and has a solution for you: the Toyota Key Finder. With this accessory on your key ring, all you have to do is open up the companion iPhone app and listen for the beeps leading you…

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All Eyes on the Toyota C-HR Concept at the 2014 Paris Auto Show

This week, Toyota released its C-HR Concept vehicle into the open view at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. While it's just a concept, the C-HR has serious potential as it previews a future C-segment crossover for demanding markets like Europe.

We imagine it would be a hit in the states, as well--especially in a densely-populated city like Chicago, IL. The C-HR is a small crossover, making it a viable option for city-folk who need…

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Toyota FCV Marks a Turning Point in Automotive History

In 2015, Toyota is taking the bold step of releasing its first-generation Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV). The zero emissions vehicle derives power from the atmosphere that combines with a hydrogen cell incorporated into the vehicle. As a result, the FCV releases a sum total of zero emission to make one of the most environmentally-conscious vehicles ever produced.

Of course, there will be naysayer and doubters, but Toyota's mission is to convert those folks into?

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