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Toyota Research Institute Inc. Coming this January

At this point, not having a prototype for a self-driving car is like not owning a cell phone.

Ten years ago, it was completely normal. Not everyone had one. No one expected you to. Things are different now.

Now, Toyota is like your grandmother.

It's 2015. Even Google and Apple, which aren't even car companies, are working on self-driving cars.

Don't worry, our favorite auto manufacturer is about to catch up.

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Toyota Tundra TRD Pro: Ready for Adventure Out of the Box

Last month we talked about the fun you can have in a Toyota Tacoma. This week, we're on to the full-size pickup of the Toyota line, the Tundra. Namely, the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

The Tundra stands out from the smaller Tacoma with larger size and greater power. In other words, the Tacoma is a fun truck... the Tundra gets serious.

The TRD Pro edition is even more serious about off-roading.

If you want a truck that's specialized in off-road performance, you have two options. You can invest in third-party kits and modifications that will likely void your…

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The New 2016 Tacoma is Ready For Work and Play

The Toyota Tacoma has always been the workhorse of the Toyota lineup. It's got a high degree of reliability, and capability packed into a mid-size pickup.

This year, with its 2016 redesign, the Tacoma wants to prove it's about more than just working. This Tacoma comes ready for non-stop off-road adventures. To show how much fun the new Tacoma is, Toyota held a competition based around having fun.

The first "Fun Games" were not just named by someone who ran out of clever ideas-- they are actually scored based on how much fun you are having.

Normally, when…

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The Camry Retains its Crown in 2016

It seems like every time the Toyota Camry is updated, automotive journalists remark about how the previous model was a hard act to follow. Yet somehow, year after year, the elegant midsize keeps not only its reputation, but its sales crown. That's because Toyota has happened on the perfect blend of reliability and creature comforts.

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How and Why to Check Your Tire Tread Depth

Why should you check your tire tread depth? Because when you've got worn tires, the difference in traction over slippery roads is dramatic.

On a wet road, it can take 10 additional car lengths to stop from highway speeds if your tread is worn to 2/32 inch as compared with fresh tires with 10/32 inch tread.

The difference is because of the way the channels in your tread move water out of the way, allowing more rubber to meet the road. When that water can't all be channeled away because the tread is too shallow, your…

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Another Fuel for the Toyota Mirai

Didn't we tell you the Toyota Mirai can use almost anything for fuel? We can now add water to the list of things you can extract hydrogen from.

In fact, we're hedging our bets on water electrolysis being the primary source of sustainable hydrogen in the future. Sure, using cow manure is a great way to take advantage of a waste product, but there are many more steps, and the process is much more complicated.

In electrolysis, all you need is water, electrolytes to help a current conduct through the water, and an electric current to pass from…

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The Toyota Prius Isn't Just Green, it's Reliable Too

Bob Old bought a Toyota Prius back in 2004. He's still driving that Prius today.

Old was looking for a vehicle that would be able to drive long distances. The Prius was a brilliant choice, because its improved gas mileage means fewer stops for fill-ups on long trips.

He bought a Toyota hoping for a car that would be reliable and last a long time before he needed to replace it. His other vehicles never made it long past the 200,000 miles mark.

His Prius has just hit 435,000 miles, and is still going strong.

How does…

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Reviews Are In: The 2016 Tacoma Lives Up to Reputation

A decade is a lifetime in the automotive world, but that's how long the second generation Toyota Tacoma has been on the market. Believe it or not, in that time, the pickup has been the standard bearer of the midsize truck segment for that entire time, even outselling models from newer, more technologically advanced competition.

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Más Que Un Auto Contest Winners Rick and his 4Runner

Don't miss the story of Rick and his Toyota 4Runner named "Skullcap"-- the winners of the Más Que Un Auto contest.

Toyota asked you to send in your ideas for the perfect commercial to show off you and your Toyota. The judging is in, and Rick's story has emerged victorious.

Rick and his loyal Toyota 4Runner, Skullcap, are camping in the woods. Suddenly, there's a noise. When they go to investigate…

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The summer season sensibilities of the Toyota Avalon

If you're looking for a new pride and joy in your life, the Toyota Avalon at Toyota on Western can fill that void. Not only is it a sumptuous full-size sedan that offers incredible luxury for the price, it boasts several seasonal comforts that will help you beat the heat in style this summer. Here's a few great features we had in mind:

Standard dual-zone climate control: Climate control with rear seat vents…

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