Bob Old bought a Toyota Prius back in 2004. He's still driving that Prius today.

Old was looking for a vehicle that would be able to drive long distances. The Prius was a brilliant choice, because its improved gas mileage means fewer stops for fill-ups on long trips.

He bought a Toyota hoping for a car that would be reliable and last a long time before he needed to replace it. His other vehicles never made it long past the 200,000 miles mark.

His Prius has just hit 435,000 miles, and is still going strong.

How does he manage? Regular maintenance at a Toyota Service Center. He wants technicians working on his car who understand the Prius inside and out, and know how best to care for its sensitive hybrid machinery.

That's why he always brings it back to the dealership for care... though his Toyota dealer is always trying to convince him to get a new car. For Old, though, there's no point replacing a car that has never broken down on him. He'll keep it.

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