Last month we talked about the fun you can have in a Toyota Tacoma. This week, we're on to the full-size pickup of the Toyota line, the Tundra. Namely, the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

The Tundra stands out from the smaller Tacoma with larger size and greater power. In other words, the Tacoma is a fun truck... the Tundra gets serious.

The TRD Pro edition is even more serious about off-roading.

If you want a truck that's specialized in off-road performance, you have two options. You can invest in third-party kits and modifications that will likely void your warranty, or you can invest in a TRD Pro.

The point of the TRD Pro series is to give you the professional performance of a modified car, but straight from the factory. Not only is your warranty preserved, but so is the quality of your vehicle-- no hodge-podge "Frankenstein" trucks.

While some drivers prefer a ready-to-go out of the box experience, some live to modify and customize. At Toyota on Western, we also offer a healthy supply of genuine Toyota parts. Stop by our dealership in Chicago to see what's in stock, or request a specific part through our online order form.

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