Take a Glimpse into the Future of Toyota

The push towards autonomous cars is greater than it's ever been, and there are no shortage of innovative car manufacturers who are vying to develop the next great technology that will bring us closer to completely self-driving vehicles. With the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show at full display in Las Vegas, Toyota took time to announce their take on this growing trend: Toyota Concept-i. Built like a futuristic car that's been ripped out of Minority Report, this latest concept is a unique look into an autonomous future with an artificial intelligence companion, Yue, that communicates information to you and other drivers:

As Toyota look into what driving may be like in 2030, a lot of the technology that is being considered for this concept are evolutions of features that Toyota drivers use every day. From forward collision warnings and braking to hands-free communication and smartphone integration, this next leap into the future of Toyota is inspiring and incredibly plausible going forward. While the design has plenty of hoops to jump through before entering production, it's exciting to wonder how the roads may change in the next 13 years.

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