Understand the Differences between Choosing to Lease or Finance from Toyota on Western

When the time is right to start researching which new vehicle is the best option for your lifestyle, it can be intimidating to stay on top of every potential avenue you could take. Perhaps you've had your eye on a Toyota Camry for a while, but the buzz surrounding the latest Toyota Prius has you considering whether or not to go with a hybrid. The best way to figure out which is truly perfect for your lifestyle involves considering what your budget can handle, which can help to dictate whether it's more wise to lease or finance your next model from Toyota on Western.

If you choose to lease your next vehicle, you're greeted immediately by lower up-front and monthly payments - which helps to make leasing so appealing to plenty of drivers. On the flipside, leasing a vehicle is a lot like having a cell phone; there is a set amount of time where you have to pay towards the cost of the car and extra fees if you choose to opt out before the end of the contract. More often than not, these contracts come with mileage restrictions as well, which is important to consider if you're looking for a vehicle for frequent, long-distance drives.

The other end of the spectrum revolves around applying for a loan to buy your own Toyota model. This choice typically requires much more of an initial cost due to the down payment, insurance and taxes that are needed, but there is a greater flexibility in terms of how you can use the vehicle and how long you have to pay towards the loan. Once your loan has been fully repaid, you're the sole owner who can choose how long to own the vehicle and when you want to sell it.

There are plenty of reasons why our customers in the greater Chicago area choose a lease over a loan, and vice versa. Don't feel forced to go through this process alone when one of our staff members can easily help figure out what's best for your budget. Stop in and see us at 6941 South Western Ave to get started today!

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