Get Prepared and Drive Smart

Safe driving obviously goes hand in hand with obeying the speed limit and road signs. But it also has a lot to do with keeping your car up to par and making sure that you get prepared for an emergency. This includes getting regular maintenance on your vehicle. We can help you with that here at Toyota on Western in Chicago, IL. Additionally, you should take a few minutes to do a quick pre-check before you even get behind the wheel and check for leaks. You should also top up your fluids (if needed) and check your tires. They should have good tread and should get inflated to the correct level. You should also make sure that your seat and mirrors are properly adjusted to you so that you can effectively see all around you when you're driving. Be sure to keep an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle in case you end up having car trouble or a breakdown. Also be a courteous driver; don't tailgate and always do your shoulder checks. Be smart while on the roads.

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