No one likes having to stop for gas frequently and if we could all get the same miles per gallons as a hybrid we would. But sadly that isn't the case. While non-hybrid vehicles are making great strides to getting better fuel economy there are a few things that we as drivers can do to help get the most out of every mile per gallon. Here are four easy things you can do to stretch each mile.

  • If you have a roof rack or a bike rack on your car that you haven't used in a while or don't use frequently you should strongly consider taking it off. As silly as it may seem but that roof rack could be pulling down your fuel economy. It is extra weight on your car and creates drag.
  • Regularly changing your oil and oil filter not only keeps your car running like new but give you better fuel economy. A healthy car will run more efficiently.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. When your tires aren't properly inflated it takes more effort to move the tire forward creating rolling resistance which uses more gas.
  • This may be the easiest thing to do. Use cruise control as much as possible. Maintaining the same speed over long distances takes much less fuel and effort than speeding up and slowing down.
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