Toyota was one of the first car manufacturers to venture into the crossover genre back in the 1990's. The C-HR (Coupe-High Rider) is the next step in that evolution, with a design that further blurs the line between sedan and SUV for Chicago-area drivers.

Every part of the C-HR features unique design elements, each more eye-catching than the last. Viewing it head-on, the C-HR looks every bit like a groundbreaking vehicle. The eye is immediately drawn to the large Toyota emblem, and things only get better from there. Low-profile headlights seamlessly flow into the sides of the vehicle, and that's where the design gets to be next level.

A cursory glance might lead you to believe the C-HR is a coupe. But looks, as they say, can be deceiving. Hidden door handles tucked near the roofline are a unique feature that increase the aerodynamic look and feel of the vehicle. The uniquely-shaped taillights and lip spoiler on the hatchback complete the futuristic design.

Oak Lawn and Orland Park drivers can't truly experience everything the Toyota C-HR has to offer until they sit behind the wheel. Every C-HR has a large 8-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay, which lets you access audio, directions, text messages and phone capabilities all while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

The C-HR also comes complete with Toyota Safety Sense, a unique technology package that looks out for your well-being in city and highway driving conditions alike. These advancements, along with safe driving best practices, can reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Make the short drive to Toyota on Western from Calumet City and Orland Park. Our friendly sales staff is familiar with every unique aspect of the C-HR, and will be happy to help you find the model right for you!

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