Looking for a top-of-the-line van that's reliable and powerful at the same time? The new Toyota Sienna received a design upgrade, offering a spacious cabin and a smooth ride. With upscale interior space and lots of cargo room, it's more powerful and comfortable than any of the previous Sienna models.

The Sienna seats up to eight people and offers 296-horsepower. The Sienna base trim has front-wheel drive and offers a basic cabin with synthetic fabrics and soft-touch materials. Even the cabin in the Sienna is spacious with the standard trim, but you can upgrade to get more power and better handling.

The all-wheel drive version of the Sienna offers the most acceleration and power for a minivan. It has the most powerful engine for its class as well. There's also plenty of driver assistance technology in the latest Sienna, including more cameras and sensors for blind-spot monitoring and departure lane warnings. This makes the Sienna one of the safest vans on the road currently.

The Toyota Sienna is a solid family van. With its low-cost price and tons of technology inside, the Sienna is incredibly spacious and comfortable for every passenger. There's plenty of room for all eight people to sit comfortably and with tri-zone climate control, you can guarantee everyone will be ready for any length of ride.

There a ton of upgrades available for the Sienna as well, including leather upholstery and premium audio systems. You can add GPS navigation, satellite radio, a moonroof, and other upgrades if you want more comfort and customization.

Find Your New 2020 Toyota Sienna At Toyota On Western

With its top-notch performance and interior space, you'll enjoy driving this van every day or on long trips. There's plenty of room for everything you need in this latest model, too. Want to test-drive the Toyota Sienna in person? Schedule a fast, friendly test driver at Toyota on Western located in Chicago.

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