Most folks know (and appreciate) the fact that the Toyota Prius is all about maximizing the potential fuel-economy ratings of your ride. This five-seater is ideal for young working professionals and adventurers who constantly find themselves on the move throughout the Chicago, IL area. If you're looking to kick your carpool or commuting game up to the next level, whether it be through advanced tech or impressive savings on fuel, the new 2020 Toyota Prius will deliver just about everything you're looking for. Find it here at Toyota on Western to make the most of your next drive!

What are Three Benefits to Choosing the New 2020 Prius?

  1. Fuel-Saving Engineering: Designed to optimize your time spent behind the wheel and on the move, the Prius boasts its most impressive fuel-economy ratings through the L Eco trim model's 56 mpg combined mileage. Invite your friends and family along for the ride to enjoy the lengthy driving range of your impromptu adventure without having to worry about dropping big bucks on fuel!
  2. Versatile Features: With a total of 65.5 cubic feet of space the Toyota Prius boasts generous room for your after-work gym gear, outdoor sporting equipment, groceries, and stuffed luggage. If that's not enough room, purchase an overhead bin and strap it to the optional cargo crossbars!
  3. Commitment to Safety: The Toyota brand leads the pack when it comes to safety features, durability, and security. For instance, all 2020 Prius models come with the Toyota Safety Sense system equipped as standard! With these highly advanced technologies in your back pocket, you won't have to worry about dense and sometimes stressful commuter traffic in the early morning and evening hours!

Please contact us to get a better grip on why the Toyota Prius still holds strong as one of the most popular choices in the hybrid segment. We'd love to chat further about the benefits to owning or leasing this incredible model. We look forward to hearing from you!

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