The temperature has been above 80 here in Chicago and, whether you're driving to work in Orland Park or headed to Oak Lawn to run some errands, the drive is going to be torture if your a/c isn't working properly.

Three Ways To Tell Your A/C Need Service

  1. It's Not Working - Okay, we know that this is pretty obvious. If you go to turn on your air conditioner and it doesn't turn on, then something is wrong. What that something is, could be multiple things. Before you tear apart your a/c, schedule a service appointment with our service center and let us figure out and repair the issue.
  2. It's Not Cold - Are you getting air, but it doesn't feel like the inside of the freezer? Your air conditioner can be blowing out air like it should, but not making your car any cooler. Let us check out the cooling part of your a/c.
  3. It's Not Blowing As It Should Be - Perhaps you're getting some cold air out of the vents, but it's not working like normal? Let our team take a closer look to see what could be clogging the a/c blower or causing it to slow down.

If you'd like our service center to help with any of your routine maintenance or repair needs, feel free to contact our Toyota on Western dealership. We're located in Chicago, right outside of Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Calumet City, South Side, Bucktown, and beyond, and would love to keep you cool in the hot Chicago sun. Contact us to learn more our use our online scheduling tool to find the right appointment for you.

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