Have you taken your precious Toyota in for its regular oil change and maintenance? At Toyota on Western of Chicago, we want to make sure your awesome Toyota keeps running for miles. And it will. Given that you give it the proper love. You're already driving a Toyota. All you must do now is give it the care it needs.

Why is it So Important to Keep Up With Oil Changes?

We all know how important it is to perform regular oil changes on our vehicles. Changing the engine oil of your Toyota on time ensures that it performs at its optimum capacity. If you want to continue enjoying the power and smoothness of your Toyota engine, you must keep up with its oil changes.

Changing your Toyota's oil on time will also extend the life of its engine and keep it running adequately for years in Oak Lawn and surrounding areas. Doing so with any vehicle, for that matter, will keep it running longer. Now apply that principle to your Toyota, and that engine will keep running for miles...and miles...and miles...and... you get the point.

Changing your vehicles' engine oil on time will also prevent you from having costly repair issues down the road. So why not be proactive?

What Other Required Maintenance Should I Keep Up With?

To ensure maximum performance and safety, other things that typically get inspected during routine maintenance, are wiper blades, brake pads, fluid levels, and tire rotation, along with the oil change.

When Should I take My Toyota in for maintenance?

The usually recommended service appointment schedule for drivers in Orland Park, Bucktown, and surrounding areas, is six months to 5,000 miles-whichever comes first. The actual services performed vary depending on driving conditions, and the year and model of the vehicle.

You should also follow the service schedule and oil-change recommendations on the owner's manual.

Finally, it is highly advised that you take your precious ride to an actual Toyota Service Center like the one at Toyota on Western. Here, all the services are performed by Toyota trained expert technicians who use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil that protects the engine against corrosion and other elements.

Visit our service center online for more information, or conveniently schedule your service appointment through our website when you're ready to give your Toyota some love. We are happy to serve Calumet City and Chicago areas.

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