Drivers tend to look for different things when they buy a new or used vehicle. The one thing that most drivers will agree on is that fuel efficiency is important. We all like saving money; saving it at the pump is extra exciting. When we hear the name Toyota, fuel efficiency and durability are usually the first things that come to mind. At Toyota on Western, we have a great selection of hybrids, electric vehicles, and vehicles that get more than 30 mpg.

Fuel-Efficient Toyota Vehicles

In addition to the numerous hybrid and electric cars Toyota offers, they also have many fuel-efficient cars, sports cars, and SUVs. Unless otherwise noted, these vehicles can seat five passengers near Calumet City.

Toyota Corolla – The Toyota Corolla is a FWD compact car known for great gas mileage, comfortable ride, and user-friendly infotainment system.

Toyota Camry – The Toyota Camry is a midsize car that offers both FWD and AWD. Its potent engine, smooth handling, and great gas mileage make it an ideal family vehicle.

Toyota GR86 – Despite being a four-passenger RW sportscar, the GR86 offers good gas mileage, sporty handling, and comfortable seating.

Toyota Supra – This two-passenger RW sports car is proof that you do not have to sacrifice power for efficiency. Its manual transmission makes it very popular with younger drivers.

Toyota Corolla Cross – This subcompact SUV, which offers FWD and AWD, is known for its intuitive infotainment system, outstanding gas mileage, and comfortable ride.

Toyota RAV4 – The Toyota RAV4 is a compact AWD/FWD SUV that offers a comfortable ride and many technology features.

Toyota Hybrid and Electric Vehicles near Bucktown

Toyota Corolla Hybrid – The Toyota Corolla hybrid offers everything the gas-powered Corolla offers but at a lower cost.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – The Toyota Camry hybrid has most of the same features as the regular Camry, but it is more economical.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – The Toyota Highlander hybrid is a FWD/AWD midsize SUV that seats up to eight passengers and offers a stylish cabin, numerous standard features, and great gas mileage.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – The Toyota RAV4 hybrid is an AWD compact SUV popular for its fuel efficiency, spacious interior, and peppy performance.

Toyota RAV4 Prime – The Toyota RAV4 prime is a plug-in hybrid compact SUV known for its fast acceleration, comfortable seating, and the long distance it provides before it needs recharging.

Toyota Venza Hybrid –The Toyota Venza is an AWD compact SUV popular for its outstanding fuel efficiency, elegant interior, and people-friendly infotainment center.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid – The Toyota Sienna is an AWD/FWD minivan that seats up to eight passengers and offers great gas mileage, a large interior, and many standard features.

Toyota Prius – The Toyota Prius is a small hybrid car that offers FWD and RWD. The Prius gets excellent gas mileage and offers a large cargo area and a comfortable ride.

Toyota Prius Prime – The Toyota Prius Prime is similar to the Toyota Prius, but the Prime can be driven up to about 25 miles on just electricity via the battery pack.

Toyota Mirai – The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric car that can go a long way at a low cost.

Toyota bZ4X – This newer addition to the Toyota family is a very efficient all-electric SUV that offers many features as well as a very comfortable ride.

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